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LD360 develops security plans for Medical Marijuana cultivation centers, dispensaries, and transportation. Our medical marijuana security services consist of product controls, legislative awareness, risk mitigation as well as other tactics that protect personnel and assets. Additionally, LD360 provides security training to on-site personnel, management and ownership.

Security and Compliance

Maintaining a secure and safe atmosphere for staff and clients, our security professionals bring their extensive military and law enforcement experience that provides our clients with first-class protection. We help protect your valuable business investments, personnel and assets. LD360 provides on-site investigative and consultation services to help assure you that your business remains compliant within both state and federal parameters.

Our management staff has been instrumental in implementation of security programs related to medical marijuana licensing procedures in a variety of jurisdictions. We are experts in ensuring clients are fully aware of liability related to medical marijuana distribution.

Transportation of Medical Marijuana and Currency

Protect designated assets by providing planning and consulting services for armed, qualified High Value Asset Protection (HVAP) teams to receive, transport and deliver medical marijuana and currency using industry best practices. All transportation team members will meet the selection, training, and clearance standards listed below, and will adhere to established security protocols.

Method of Approach

  • High Value Asset Protection (HVAP) Team Organization
  • Training
  • Logistics
  • Team Equipment
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Medical Marijuana Security Specialists

LD360’s capabilities were developed to exceed our clients’ expectations by securing intellectual, property and human assets. We maintain a team of subject matter experts with accessibility to cutting edge resources and tactics providing full-scale medical marijuana security management or working seamlessly alongside your existing security team. Our experience in this category is, quite frankly, unparalleled.


The distinctive legal atmosphere for individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry requires ultimate discretion and confidentiality. All security officers, professionals and management staff are individually vetted, submit to comprehensive background checks, and trained to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Our team worked closely with state legislation, local and state law enforcement to develop our security protocol. We can ensure that implementation of our security programs will follow standard procedures set by lawmakers and minimizing risk.

Whether you are supplementing your in-house capabilities or starting a new security protocol, LD360 is unrivaled in experience, reliability, competitive pricing and most important — proven results. Our team and industry partners maintain a vast network that includes local and federal law enforcement, legal support and community support.

Bottom Line

LD360 clients depend on our consistent delivery of comprehensive protection services for both types of security issues – planned or unplanned. We assess, edit, and implement security protocols in multiple environments. In the event of a crisis, LD360 can dispatch a team of experts to respond to events to quickly diffuse the situation, facilitating any and all security needs.

Let Us Help You Minimize Risk

Are you currently in the middle of a crisis and need more information about our asset protection services? Please call us at (312) 617-2555 or use the online Contact form for more information of how we can help you.

See Security Consulting for a general overview of services.

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