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LD360 provides a variety of security consulting services and training. The security services are offered but not limited to commercial real estate, hospitals, schools, special events, corporate headquarters, labor disputes, and any other large installations.

General Security
  • Defined Policies and Procedures
  • Security Personnel Rules
  • Security Personnel Training
  • Security Reporting Requirements
  • Extensive Background Investigations
  • Critical Incident Management: emergency response and evacuation plans and training, designed to federal NIMS and ICS guidelines
  • Recruitment of Security Managers
  • Workplace violence
  • Active Shooter
  • Human Resource Support
  • Crisis Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Customer Service
  • Security policy and procedures
  • Verbal de-escalation
  • CPR/AED/First Aid
  • Fire/life safety
  • Personal protection
  • Executive/VIP Protection
  • Risk mitigation
  • Technology Aspects of the Facility
  • Electronic & Physical Perimeter Security
  • Interior and External Cameras
  • Motion Detectors
  • Alarm Systems
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Lighting
  • Life/Fire Safety Equipment
  • Access/Egress Control and the development of policies
  • Badging and Credentialing
  • Fencing
  • Annual Security Systems audit
  • Emergency power/backup
Value-added Security
  • Law Enforcement Liaisons (State and Local)
  • Cash management and product transportation training
  • Security training for non-security personnel, including front desk operations
  • Emergency Management Training
  • Security Awareness Programs, including:
    • Crime prevention training, especially for those involved in transporting product
    • Facility opening/closing procedures
    • Recognizing suspicious activity
  • Inspections and audits
  • Dignitary/visitor management
  • Personnel, financial, medical, and scientific file control/security
  • Transportation issues:
    • Transportation of products security
    • Loading dock management/security
    • Facility parking
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